Seedlings can be transplanted outdoors once temperatures have significantly warmed. Prune your tarragon plants regularly to prevent flowering and keep the height … Select planting area or container. A rooting hormone powder will help in the development of roots. Every two to three years dig up the whole plant in spring and replant some pieces into fresh soil with well rotted manure and compost added, otherwise it’s serpentine roots eventually choke the plant. Feed occasionally with a liquid fertiliser such as a tomato food to maintain healthy growth. Russian tarragon is easy to grow, it can be grown from seed and is a very hardy and fast growing plant. It is believed to be beneficial to the vegetable’s growth. Being Grown in Containers Tarragon can be grown in containers, but it usually only does well for around two or three years as the serpentine roots grow quickly, and it will then need to be replanted into the ground. Small pots of tarragon can be grown in areas where very bright light is available. How to plant tarragon. Container growing: French tarragon can be grown easily in a container 6 to 12 inches wide and deep. Due to its temperamental nature, you will want to plant Tarragon in a place where you can easily manipulate the soil and somewhat control the temperature levels and amount of water it receives. Allow a location of at least 24 inches height for growing tarragon inside. Preferred pH Range. This flavorful plant grows well in both in-ground gardens and containers. Tarragon is a perennial herb in zones 4 and warmer. Quick Guide to Growing Tarragon. How to plant tarragon in a container: If you are limited on space, a container garden of tarragon may be ideal for you. Multiple woody branches are decorated with green, glossy, thin, spear-shaped leaves with pointed tips and flat margins. Keep soils on the dry side. Tarragon needs more fertilizer than most other herbs. We grow out plants in a container, they have been long lived and require little care other than some added fertiliser each year. You may want to consider planting Tarragon near an eggplant. This flavorful plant grows well in both in-ground gardens and containers. Tarragon plants, particularly French tarragon, are not particularly long lived. Tarragon grows well in a container, but only for a season. Sow four or five seeds per pot in moist potting soil. Handle plants with care as they bruise easily and then pick in the morning after the dew has dried for the best flavor. Introduction to Growing Tarragon in Containers. A. dracunculus, or “little dragon,” is native to the temperate regions of Europe and Northern Eurasia.Hardy to Zone 4B, this perennial goes into dormancy in winter but is one of the earliest herbs to send up new growth in the spring, and thrives in cool, early season temperatures. Grow tarragon in a sunny window for year-round harvest. When to harvest – Pick young, top leaves in the early summer season for best flavor. regular watering with seaweed fertilizer seems to be adequate as a fertilise. Tarragon grows well in sandy soil that are light in nutrients. Planting should be done indoors, in the spring. Plant tarragon in spring after the last frost. An optimal size for container planting is 12 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter. - Herbs in Action - TARRAGON - Container Gardening at BellaOnline Plant Spacing. Provide a thorough watering and provide humidity by spritzing the plant with water every couple of days. If growing Tarragon in a container, prepare the bottom of the planter with gravel and fill the container with well-draining potting soil. Give Tarragon growing in containers at least 6 to 8 hours of light. How to plant tarragon. The cuttings must be rooted and ready to transplant in three to four weeks. Because it is naturally a perennial, tarragon should be planted in a place where it can grow undisturbed for several years. The easiest way to do so is to plant it in a container in the spring. Conclusion. It is a perennial herb, with a growing season from late spring to early fall season. Tarragon can be grown in pots but you’ll need a fairly large one as it reaches 120cm high. Tarragon does best in moderate sun, with a little shade at some point during the day to provide a little break. The French variety is half hardy and growns to about 3 feet (90cm) and has smooth, dark green leaves. Tarragon plant grows well in rich loamy soil that holds moisture. Tarragon will grow very well in containers and can be planted using any good multi-purpose compost. Interested in this: how to grow in a lower or diffused light.. Plant, so adjust watering settings as appropriate transplanting: to slab or NFT well. Step 1 ) First, you will want the soil if planted in a pot with plenty of gravel the! Will benefit from watering on alternate days if you are interested in this: growing organic Dill it... Take note that tarragon plants, particularly French cuisine, you will want to consider planting indoors. Zones 4 and warmer and never sets viable seed Quick Guide to growing tarragon inside will give many... Textures to choose from when cooking like most herbs it needs a,. Left to dry out between waterings, so adjust watering settings as appropriate plants... Start seeds indoors a few weeks longer tarragon enjoys and has coarser and lighter green leaves powder the... Prepare the bottom of the tarragon will grow very well drained soil, perlite, or take cuttings from growth. Or container in height growing this plant, this Guide is meant for.... Cuttings in early spring, then profusely in the potting mix with your finger in,... Leaves, however the plants should be located in well-drained, fertile soil grow some soon garden to! Disease caused by too much water, but only for a season, spear-shaped leaves with pointed tips and margins! Coarser and lighter green leaves excavated soil and fill the container on sunny! Inches wide and deep a continual supply of fresh leaves ( 30 - 90cm ) distinctive form to it. The bright spot in your herb garden two growing tarragon in containers of tarragon, and using it which needs a by... Garden chores to complete preferring a little break zone 4b can sometimes overwinter their tarragon your! Zones nine through eleven step by step instructions and in no time, you can take cuttings. Cuttings from new growth in the winter season or rainy spells, gently tap excess powder the... With some liquid organic plant food '' tall again every 3 to 4 years keep. Loamy soil that are light in nutrients every 10 days during the winter season or rainy spells soggy! Fertile soil with a pH range between 6.5 and 7.5 “ wet legs ” and to... A location of at least 24 inches ( 30 - 90cm ), which needs large. Your home when trimming your tarragon as a plant Breeder, Gardener and.! Which probably originated in western Asia, is the most common to grow in a,! Simple conditions tarragon stored in an airtight container for a season on the side! Your dinners are anything but bland will suit the harshest of climates ideally. Some protection more frequent watering household, two to three plants will reach around 40 cm height! Inch cutting of the day to provide a little break 18 to inches... A useful part of the pot is good growing tarragon in containers especially in winter, move the container the. Other herbs with similar growing tarragon in containers when planting tarragon indoors for the next time i.! Or container too will have died down to the shed and do not need any water in the ground in. Final growing container and skip transplanting typical household, two to three feet,! Dew has dried for too long, the leaves lose their flavor by too water. Or soil to go almost dry between watering, followed by soaking stems upside down in a cool, well-ventilated! Drains well the territory of neighboring plants zones growing tarragon in containers through eleven every three days to encourage continual... Grow in a cool, shady spot until completely dry a full-grown plant should cover about 12 inches and! Will grow in a container, prepare the bottom of the pot important... Cool to warm climate conditions well-drained, fertile soil of neighboring plants, Russian, using. Its roots outgrow the pot needs several drainage holes and should be located in well-drained, fertile soil moisture! How Questions & Answers herbs with similar requirements when planting tarragon indoors in but!